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“It's time to work together and make the promise of Tega Cay's future a reality. It’s time to live and protect the Good Life.” #THISISOURTOWN

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"I am dedicated to purposeful leadership in preserving the quality of life we treasure, while ensuring a thriving and financially sustainable Tega Cay."

Sustainable Economic Growth

I am committed to ensure today's development decisions support the long-term economic sustainability of our city. Tega Cay has limited opportunities for additional growth, it is therefore essential that development, specifically commercial development, aligns with our community's needs. There are approved commercial and residential projects that will be constructed in the next 5-7 years. City Council has a responsibility to manage and plan for the best possible outcome. Commercial growth, more so than additional residential growth, is critical for the sustained economic success of our city. I support purposeful and responsible commercial growth with a balanced long-term vision that reflects our residents’ values and priorities.

Fiscal Responsibility

Tega Cay’s financial future requires care and sound decisions today. We must make fiscally responsible decisions by thoughtfully allocating funds. Focus and priority should be given to proactively maintain our existing infrastructure and safety of our residents. City projections indicate a potential revenue deficit by 2028, when collected revenue may no longer be sufficient to maintain a balanced budget. As a council and as a city, we need to focus now on every opportunity to manage our budget and reduce spending.

Safety and Security

Tega Cay has rightfully earned its reputation as one of the safest cities in the United States through the collaborative efforts of our law enforcement agencies, emergency services, and engaged community members. I am committed to maintaining our safety measures, ensuring that Tega Cay remains a place where families can thrive and enjoy the Good Life with peace of mind.

Preserving Quality of Life

I will promote prioritizing the maintenance and enhancement of our existing infrastructure, parks, trails, golf course, and our lake to uphold the unique quality of life that tega cay residents cherish. It is crucial to shift our focus back to revitalizing our older parks, playgrounds, and trails, ensuring that all areas of Tega Cay receive the attention they deserve. In addition, our residents expectation of quiet enjoyment over non-resident access needs to be a city priority.

"Let's work together to shape a promising future for Tega Cay. Join me in finding common ground, driven by a common purpose. Together, we can build a thriving community—a place where neighbors connect, friendships flourish, and the spirit of community thrives. It is time to live and protect the Good Life." #THISISOURTOWN

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