A Recap of February 2024 Focus Areas

Hello Tega Cay,

I trust this message finds you well. February flew by with a flurry of activity, and I’d like to share some highlights with you:

Marina Drive: On February 20th, the second reading to rescind Ordinance 585 passed with a majority “Yes” vote.

Hotel Option: The Hotel option was removed from the Marina Overlay District with a unanimous “Yes” vote during the second reading on February 20th. 

The Planning Commission will continue deliberating changes to the Marina District Overlay as a whole and will present their recommendations to the council once concluded.

The Planning Commission convenes on the first Monday of every month (unless otherwise noted) at 6:30pm at Council Chambers in the lower level of the Glennon Center. They allocate time for public comments on their meeting agenda. If this concerns you, please share your thoughts and attend the meetings.

Revenue Contracts: The first reading to amend the Procurement Ordinance to include Revenue Contracts, passed unanimously during the February 20th meeting. These changes ensure transparency and a formal bidding process for contracts related to revenue-producing city assets, such as Catawba Park, Shore Club, and Beach and Swim Center.

Parking Permits/Park Use: Due to the lengthy February Meeting, the Executive Session scheduled to discuss options for parking permits and park use was postponed. Expect rescheduling and inclusion on our agenda soon.

Fencing Ordinance: The first reading to update the fencing ordinance regarding Townhouses passed unanimously during the February 20th Council Meeting. If it passes a second reading, the changes would exempt townhouses from the opacity requirement while still expected to comply with specific development HOA requirements.

Deer Population Control: The City concluded the first phase of its Wildlife Management Plan on February 8th. During the scheduled Council Meeting on February 20th, the City and Chief Crosby presented their After Action Reports. While fewer deer were culled than anticipated, valuable insights were gained, highlighting opportunities for enhancing the implementation of a long-term deer management plan. For detailed information on the After Action Reports and presentations by the USDA and Dr. DeNicola of White Buffalo, please visit the city website at https://www.tegacaysc.org/1853/Wildlife-Management-Program. Council will continue reviewing and deliberating next steps in the coming weeks. Wildlife Management, particularly regarding deer population control, entails a long-term commitment in both action and cost. As previously emphasized, decisions are made with careful consideration of all factors.

Chat with Council: Our February Chat with Council event lasted over two hours, providing a great opportunity for one-on-one connections. Councilmember Hyslip and I engaged in detailed conversations about our Soccer program, the Marina Overlay District, and the deer management program. Keep an eye out for details about our next Chat with Council scheduled for Thursday, March 28th.

Financial Reviews: Starting in March, Councilman Hyslip and I, along with our City Finance Director and City Manager, will review city financial statements monthly. This initiative aims to provide a more focused understanding of our city budget, revenue, and expenses. The finance meeting will occur on the fourth Thursday of each month.

Council Workshops: We will introduce a monthly Council Workshop to the calendar. This will facilitate round table discussions among council members to better understand and efficiently consider city business and policies. While these workshops will be open to the public, there will be no voting or public comments. The next workshop is scheduled for March 13th at 5:30pm at Council Chambers.

Storm Drains: Our Public Works team initiated a citywide storm drain clearing, a proactive measure that’s greatly appreciated.

Get Involved: Numerous volunteer opportunities are available. If you’re interested in Planning, Economic Development, Storm Water, Art Jury, or Building Codes and Appeals, please visit the city website to apply: https://www.tegacaysc.org/160/Committees

Communication Survey: To enhance communication and expand public outreach, the City has launched a Communication Survey. Visit the city website to participate! The survey will conclude on March 29, 2024.https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/HTCWYBJ

Thank you for your continued support, I remain committed and energized in representing our amazing city and community. Reach out if you have any questions or concerns.


Carmen Miller
Mayor Pro Tem
Tega Cay City Council

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