A Recap of March 2024 Focus Areas

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Hello Tega Cay,

Happy Spring! March has come and gone, and we have now entered the second quarter of the year. Here are some highlights:

New Committee Members Elected: Congratulations to the newly elected committee members! A huge thank you goes out to those members who are ending their terms, as well as to those who will continue serving. Being an active part of our community is valued, and your contributions will have a significant impact. There are still two committees that need volunteers. Both the Public Art Jury and the Building Codes Appeal Board have open spots. If you’re interested in making a difference, please consider submitting an application here: https://www.tegacaysc.org/160/Committees

Chat with Council: Council member Hyslip and I held our March Chat at the Lake Ridge clubhouse. We had a great turnout and solid conversations. The topics ranged from roads, stormwater, city sign ordinance, city operations, administrative decisions, and, of course, deer management. This continues to be a positive, open conversation opportunity. Keep an eye out for details about our next Chat with Council, scheduled for Thursday, April 25th.

Financial Reviews: The first Financial Review was held on March 21st with the participation of Council member Hyslip, our City Manager Charlie Funderburk, and our City Finance Director Bob Bartkin. It was a productive meeting, bringing clarity to the current budget, revenue, and expenses. Our next meeting is scheduled for May, as we have decided to independently review the monthly budget reports and meet every other month unless there is a concern.

Parking Permits/Park Use: The current and future options for parking permits and park use were discussed during the Executive session at the March Council Meeting. Expect public Council discussion and consideration of changes soon.

Fencing Ordinance: The second reading to update the fencing ordinance regarding townhouses passed unanimously during the March Council Meeting. This change, initiated by Council member Hyslip, exempts townhouses from the opacity requirement, while still requiring compliance with specific development HOA requirements.

Council Workshops: A Council Workshop was held on March 13th. Open discussion and dialogue between council members were productive and positive. The two main topics discussed involved revamping the Local Rules as they apply to the Council Meeting agenda to expand/move public comments and considering next steps regarding the Deer Population Management Program. For a review of the workshop discussion, visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EuPSXTzuId4&pp=ygUedGVnYSBjYXkgY291bmNpbCAyMDI0IHdvcmtzaG9w

RFATS Meetings: I have attended the two RFATS meetings held this year. RFATS, the Rock Hill-Fort Mill Area Transportation Study, includes Tega Cay. Both the January and March meetings were interesting and provided me with a much clearer understanding of the effects that growth is having on our transportation and roadway planning. For more information about current initiatives, budgets, and impacts, please visit: https://www.rfats.org/

YCRC State of Education: In March, I attended the York County Chamber of Commerce State of Education. Each school district Superintendent presented their vision and current initiatives for every York County school district. Every district expressed the need to grow and expand as a result of the increasing population in our area. It was an informative meeting, and I appreciated the statistics and test results shared by our Fort Mill School District leadership.

Deer Population Control: The city and City Council continue to research and explore options for future deer management steps. While no additional decisions have been made, there is continued focus on finding the most effective long-term plan. Addressing the deer population continues to be an involved and multi-faceted conversation. A swift solution or one without substantial financial commitment is unrealistic. For the most current
information from the city regarding the Wildlife Management Plan, please visit: https://www.tegacaysc.org/1853/Wildlife-Management-Program. Details on the next steps being considered from the Council Workshop held in March can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EuPSXTzuId4&pp=ygUedGVnYSBjYXkgY291bmNpbCAyMDI0IHdvcmtzaG9w

Communication Survey: A citywide Communication Survey was sent out in March, concluding on March 29th. Like many of you, I am eagerly awaiting the results.

Deer Management Survey: THIS IS VITAL. The revised Deer Management Survey will be distributed soon. Please stay alert for announcements and the new link. The intent of the survey is to gather feedback from our community. To ensure you receive timely updates via email or text, register here: https://www.tegacaysc.org/list.aspx

Thank you for your continued support, and as always, I am open for conversations. While there are areas that need improvement, systems that require attention, and priorities that are constantly being redefined, there is so much about our Tega Cay that we should all be proud of. Happy Spring!


Carmen Miller
Mayor Pro Tem
Tega Cay City Council

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