A Recap of May 2024 Focus Areas

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Hello Tega Cay,

May was busy!

May Budget Workshop: During the budget portion of the May 7th Workshop, council members had an opportunity to share their “Council Vision” for
the coming fiscal year. I shared my desire to focus on reducing future discretionary spending with a strong focus on allocating funds to improve our
current parks and infrastructure. We have significant needs for improving city-owned amenities and parks, as well as upgrades to our stormwater
systems, public works, and roads. There is the future of expected commercial income with Main Street; however, those results are still years in the
future. Here is the link to that meeting video; this discussion is close to the 59:40 mark: Meeting Video https://youtu.be/oLBWExkx7UE?si=spiygEehhLJw99s.

Council Meeting: The May 20th Council Meeting covered several important topics. Two that I want to bring focus to are the FOIA Policy discussion
and a new ordinance introduced regarding how Council can communicate with the City Attorney. Both led to detailed discussions. Several residents
have asked me questions about FOIA requests and what to expect as disclosure. Below is a link to the council packet with copies of both ordinances
and a link to the council meeting video. The FOIA discussion begins at 1:23, and the attorney discussion at 1:52: Council Meeting Video

Parking Permits/Park Use/Park Attendant: An ordinance passed a second reading to increase the non-resident parking decal fee from $100 to $200.
The $200 fee is now in effect.

In addition to the increased fee for non-resident parking, the city has also contracted a third-party company to provide park attendants on weekends and holidays. This has greatly reduced the number of non-compliant visitors who do not have parking decals, especially at Windjammer Park. During the first weekend with the park attendant in place, approximately 125 vehicles were turned away. They will be at the park every weekend until September 8th, from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm, as well as on Memorial Day, July 4th and 5th, and Labor Day.

Over the month of May, our Tega Cay Police issued 47 parking tickets; 3 vehicles were towed, and another 7 paid towing fees as the wrecker service
was already onsite.

Nothing changes overnight, but I am encouraged that we are seeing action and activity that will hopefully lead to more manageable and enjoyable
use of our parks.

All vehicles parked at Windjammer, Pitcairn, and Beach Club parks require a parking decal. Residents do not have to pay for a decal. Please stop by
the City Admin Building and get your parking decal. It is FREE to residents and includes your golf carts!

Out of Budget Approvals: At the May 20th Council meeting, two expense items were brought up for approval outside of the current approved budget. One was the purchase of a Breathing Air Compressor for our Fire Department and the approval of expenses for exterior painting/maintenance of the Glennon Center. I voted to approve the Breathing Air Compressor as it is necessary and a critical safety need for our fire department. While I fully agree that there is a long-overdue need to paint and make improvements to the exterior of the Glennon Center, I did not agree that it was an emergency or critical need to use funding from another department outside of the current budget to make that happen. It can set a precedent of spending outside of allocated budgets, and considering the fact that we will be working on the new fiscal year budget, it made better sense to properly allocate those funds with the new budget. Discussion of both of those items can be found at the 1:02 mark: Council Meeting Video https://youtu.be/HzhmcJqNIBU?si=nmWkIx6HahPiCAma.

Deer Population Control: The results of the Deer Survey were reviewed at our May Council Meeting. Use this link to review the results if you have not had the opportunity: Deer Survey Results https://www.tegacaysc.org/1874/Deer-Community-Survey-Results. During the workshop, Council agreed to have Dr. DeNicola draft a proposal that would include a hybrid deer management option using both lethal sharpshooting and sterilization costs. Those plans are expected to be reviewed in the next weeks as a final plan is considered. For details on the discussion during the council meeting, you can use this link at the 2:25 mark: Council Meeting Video https://youtu.be/HzhmcJqNIBU?si=nmWkIx6HahPiCAma.

Pickleball and Tennis: This topic of conversation will play a main role in our budget discussions for 2025. City Council will be considering the expansion of the pickleball courts as well as redefining public and club use policies for both tennis and pickleball.

Chat with Council: Council member Hyslip and I held our May chat at the Stonecrest Villas community center. We are very appreciative of the huge turnout. The questions were centered around the Main Street development, traffic impact, and continued safety focus as growth impacts our community. This continues to be a positive, open conversation. If you have the opportunity, please join us at our next meeting which will be scheduled soon.

City-Wide Communication: To ensure you receive timely updates via email or text, register here: City Communication Signup https://www.tegacaysc.org/list.aspx. There is also now the option of a City Communication App and a Police Department App. Here are their QR Codes and links to download:

Check out the City of Tega Cay, SC mobile app at: https://apps.myocv.com/share/a115429708
Check out the Tega Cay Police Dept. SC mobile app at: https://apps.myocv.com/share/a112729708

Thank you for your continued support, and as always, I am open to conversations. I’m so glad to be part of the solutions and process with you in continuing to make our city better every day!

Carmen Miller
Mayor Pro Tem
Tega Cay City Council

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